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Matt, the Great Lakes Thalidomide Wonder Kitty

by Miya T. Kressin
Kenosha, WI

It isn't my fault no one loved me. I was born without paws, and with only part of a tail. People treated me as a sideshow attraction: I bounced between collectors. Humans even dared to make me live with those lessser creatures they call dogs.

One day a woman wearing the marks of a cat lover found me. She didn't turn away in disgust at my stumps, nor laugh when I pulled my body toward her. Kirsten saw only my heart, heard my purr, looked into my pleading gold eyes. We are happy together. I am Bast's special treasure, Kirsten's diamond in the rough.

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Janet Deaver-Pack is an author with over 35 short stories published in Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, and Horror. She is the editor/co-editor of four anthologies: her latest is Magic Tails. Janet has been a panelist at popular Writer's Seminars at GenCon in Milwaukee and Indianapolis, and recently participated in several panels at Chicago's WindyCon.

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